About the Practitioner

Training and massage style:

In July, 2009, I completed an initial Massage Therapist course of training at the Massage Therapy Institute (MTI) in Davis, CA. My training began with flowing, Swedish relaxation massage then I continued with deep tissue work, sports massage, and other techniques geared toward pain management and sports performance. I am an Associate Practioner of Ortho-Bionomy®,  a gentle form of bodywork that helps clients find greater ease in their bodies. The work is not forceful, but based in finding positions of comfort that promote the release of problematic compensation patterns by engaging the body's self-corrective reflexes. I have had a vibrant private practice in Davis since the summer of 2009.

I use a combination of techniques that I find effective at promoting deep relaxation and release of muscle tension. I provide time to talk with my clients during each session to understand their needs and preferences. 

About me:

I have lived in the Davis/Woodland area since 1997 and completed a Ph.D. in linguistics at UC Davis in June, 2010. I am a long-time learner and second language user of Mandarin Chinese and studied the sociopolitics of Mandarin education in the U.S. I was active in a variety of sports including rock climbing, swimming and cycling. Now I enjoy spending time in nature.

Massage and bodywork have been very helpful to me over the years as I've needed to manage pain and injury from sports and prolonged computer use. I also found massage to be a great help in managing all forms of stress. I genuinely love the work I do as a massage therapist and hope I can offer others some of the healing benefits I have received through massage and bodywork!


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